A Premium & Professional Harmony ONE Validator

Put our combined 40+ years of running 24/7/365 critical systems and database and software coding skill to work earning you more ONE!

A note about validator fees:

A new validator can only have a 0% fee for the first 100 epochs after being elected. After that, there's a minimum 5% fee that has to be charged.

This is 5% of the average 10% staking rewards. In other words, this is 95% goes to you, 5% to the validator. This is NOT 10%-5%=5%, it's 10% * 5%!

This fee is used to pay for server hosting and continual improvement of our infrastructure.

Experienced at Blockchain

We run successful stake pools on the Cardano blockchain and know how to earn top rewards (and yes, this is the Battle.net logo!)

Multiple Pros

Get multiple pairs of eyes and ears with over 40 years of professional IT experience on your side

Premium Infrastructure

No second-hand servers or home-based setups here. We use modern hardware located around the globe using best practices.

Introducing a New Member of the Harmony Community

The AzureONE team may be relative newcomers to the Harmony ONE blockchain, but we're no strangers to blockchain and running complex operations. We have a proven record spanning decades in technology careers and success in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem since the early testnet days.

EXAMPLE: Our infrastructure on the Cardano blockchain (pictured above) is top-notch. We bring this level of experience and expertise to Harmony and look forward to many good years of contribution ahead of us. As our Harmony presence grows, we will re-invest profits to enhance our infrastructure.

Our Cardano blockchain flagship validator (stake pool in Cardano parlance) consistently ranks in the top 7% of ~3,000 stake pools, often in the top 10 spots. We bring seasoned blockchain experience and dedication to you. See azureADA.com for our Cardano offering.

We don’t believe in bare minimums. We use only premium vendors and providers for our infrastructure. Our assets are in the same basket as yours, and we sure feel best of breed gives the best piece of mind.

We embrace the need for ALL types of operators, geographic locations, and infrastructure. It’s what makes a healthy, decentralized ecosystem. We place each server in a separate location around the globe and avoid the most crowded public clouds for our infrastructure. We also mentor the “competition” helping to launch other validators to keep the ecosystem healthy and vibrant.

Industry Partners

Meet the Team

Co-Founder, Infrastructure, Operations, Security, Microsoft Azure Customer Engineer
From Seattle, USA
Co-Founder, Strategy & Business Intelligence, Microsoft Azure Program Manager
From Seattle, USA
Operations, Development, Microsoft Azure Developer, Identity Protection, Machine Learning
From Seattle, USA